About Us

Passionate Advocates for E-commerce

Our mission is to be the shipping industry's trusted insurance leader – the gold standard for how clients should be cared for and treated.

At Parcel Protection, we are passionate advocates – sworn to deliver the peace of mind that our clients seek. We specialize in offering shipping insurance for all leading shipping carriers, both domestic and international. Our priority is to establish dependable, sustainable, and prosperous partnerships with the leading E-commerce industry solutions providers. We aspire to align with businesses sharing the same fundamental values to bring innovation and needed benefits to your customers.

Who We Are

The Parcel Protection Insurance Program is a creative and exciting undertaking that will revolutionize the parcel shipping insurance industry, providing clients an alternative to currently available programs.

We are transforming shipping insurance for E-commerce, borne out of the demand to create a program offering a more compelling insurance solution. Our platform’s intuitive technology is designed to streamline insurance transactions and claims administration.

Parcel Protection is an affiliate of Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers (WGB).

Wood Gutmann & Bogart is an award-winning, full-service insurance brokerage that provides a complete range of commercial, personal and employee benefits insurance products and services. Since 1985, WGB has been a growing force in the insurance marketplace – with the goal of bringing meaningful risk management and insurance solutions to businesses and individuals. Through broad access to an extensive network of insurance carriers, WGB's team creates solutions for clients with local shops to global operations, and everything in between.

More than just insurance brokers.

Passionate Advocates.

We help clients in every industry better quantify and manage risk – and transform uncertainty into opportunity.

We vigorously defend our clients from the risks that put their lifestyles, livelihoods and legacies in jeopardy. Our team builds lasting relationships to better understand our client’s goals, passions and business ventures.

We provide our clients with unparalleled business sector knowledge and best practices to protect their people and assets. Our clients get a team of professionals who understand their industry and specialize in solving the complex problems inherent to it.

Our knowledge extends far beyond standard commercial insurance products. We believe in a comprehensive, full-service approach to our account management responsibilities, and we reinvest our revenues in resources designed to provide long-term benefits to our clients and their success.

Our Mission

We professionally and passionately advocate for the
"Peace of Mind" so rightly deserved by our

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Insurance Carrier Providers
  • Community
  • Planet

Our Values

We passionately believe in these core principles:

  • Shielding our Clients from risk and losses
  • Attracting, coaching and advancing professional talent
  • Caring for our teams and our individuals
  • Building a family spirit
  • Engaging and promoting responsible insurance providers
  • Giving back to our communities and those less fortunate
  • Befriending the planet we share

Ready to get started?

We’ve been Passionate Advocates for hundreds of organizations and countless individuals across the country. Our size affords us the resources that our clients require; and, we recognize the importance of personal connection. We are here to help.

Awards & Accolades

As one of the Top 75 independent agencies in the country, WGB has earned recognition for our excellence.


By assembling a team composed of the most experienced, energetic and creative professionals in the industry – we’re able todeliver the best-in-class solutions we are recognized for.


We strive to create an environment in which employees feel a sense of ownership over what we deliver. We believe that this approach is key in attracting and keeping the best talent.


We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing employees who have helped us become a leading insurance agency.


WGB is proud to make the list of the nation's most successful private companies – a milestone of entrepreneurial success.

We have created a culture that is second to none


Since 1985

The award-winning culture of the WGB Family of Companies attracts talented, entrepreneurial professionals within the insurance industry. Our unique approach has fueled the growth of our firm and sparked unprecedented interest in the markets, industries and communities we serve.


Our emphasis on teamwork, unwavering commitment to excellence, and our employees’ sense of ownership over what we deliver is the result of raising the bar on expectations. It’s what makes us Passionate Advocates for Peace of Mind. Today, the opportunities for our firm are the greatest in our history. Our partners and valued team members are excited for the future.

Caring for our community and planet

Social Responsibility

We share a proud history of service and support to the communities in which we operate and where our employees live and work. We are committed to conducting business in a responsible way, and to supporting our community through a range of programs and activities.

Our staff are encouraged to contribute to the well-being of their local communities. This support is demonstrated in a variety of ways, including the provision of paid leave to assist on community projects and having a portion of an employee’s charitable fund-raising matched by the company.

The WGB Green Team is a grassroots community created by employees. We came together to heighten awareness about resource conservation, consumption reduction, purchasing choices and other practical, environmentally sustainable ideals. We recognize that collectively and individually, we all have a profound effect on our environment. This is our path to becoming a greener, more sustainable business – for the long-haul.

In Our Community

We passionately believe in giving back to our community and those less fortunate. Some of the organizations we support include:

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