At Parcel Protection, we provide the security you need to be confident your packages are protected, while in transit, from unexpected loss, theft, or damage.

We strive for a deeper understanding of each client's industry, business, and strategic vision. This understanding of your corporate goals and concerns allows us to build the best solution specific to your unique needs.

We vigorously protect our clients from the risks that could put their packages, business, and reputation in jeopardy. We do this while providing the absolute best claims experience in the industry. Having the right partner enables you to thrive confidently, while neutralizing risks.

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Are you considering making the change to Parcel Protection shipping insurance? Please see below for common questions and detailed answers to help give you confidence in our services. Transparency with our customers is vital. Without it, we're no different than anyone else. In the spirit of being honest and open, we want to answer your questions and address your concerns.

The Basics

Why should I trust my shipping insurance with Parcel Protection?
Why should I trust my shipping insurance with Parcel Protection?

What’s better than trust? We’re confident that by working with us, you’ll quickly discover our passion for providing an honest and transparent solution that you can depend on. We’ll always be fair and clear upfront, to do our best to avoid any miscommunication. We’re here to fight for your claims to get paid!

Do I have to use the carrier included coverage?
Can I insure my shipping costs?
What’s the maximum value I can insure?
Do I need to insure every package we ship?
How do we insure our packages once we’ve started?
Can we set insurance automation rules for our packages?
How do we send you a report of our insured shipments?
Do you insure every carrier?
What is your Refund Policy?

What's Covered

General coverage rules are outlined below. Based on your account eligibility, you may qualify to get special endorsements added to your policy.

What exactly is covered with your insurance?
What exactly is covered with your insurance?

Parcel Protection Shipping Insurance provides coverage in the event your package is lost, stolen, damaged, or suffers a shortage of contents, while in transit.

What items can’t be insured?
Can I insure to any country?
Are there any packaging requirements?
I want to brand my packaging, is this okay?
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