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At Parcel Protection, we provide the security needed to be confident that packages are protected, while in transit, from unexpected loss, theft, or damage.

We are Passionate Advocates...

sworn to deliver the peace of mind that our clients seek. We specialize in offering shipping insurance for all leading shipping carriers, both domestic and international.

We strive for...

a deeper understanding of each client's industry, business, and strategic vision. This allows us to build the best solution – specific to your unique needs.

Our priority is...

to establish dependable, sustainable, and prosperous partnerships with the leading E-commerce industry solutions providers. We aspire to align with businesses sharing the same fundamental principles to bring innovation and value to your customers.

We vigorously protect...

our clients from the risks that could put their packages, business, and reputation in jeopardy. We do this while providing the absolute best claims experience in the industry. Having the right partner enables you to thrive confidently, while neutralizing risks.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

Looking for more information about offering Parcel Protection shipping insurance to your customers? Wondering what the benefits are in partnering with us?

We look at partnerships as an extension of our brand. Our goal is to give your customers the best care and the broadest coverage in the market. By partnering with us, you provide your customers with a centralized platform for submitting their claims, universal claim instructions regardless of carrier, and total transparency throughout. Having a partner that puts in the work, continually communicates, and ensures your brand reputation isn’t tarnished is crucial for the integrity of your business. With Parcel Protection, you will not find a harder working group to protect you and your clients.

Want to brand the insurance as your own? No problem! We’re happy to include your company logo and website links throughout the claims process. Your customer’s claims experience with Parcel Protection will be second to none – ensuring we add value to your brand. The best part? No more claims-related customer service headaches! The Parcel Protection team will handle all inquiries and communication on your behalf.

Is there an opportunity to generate revenue through our program? You bet there is! Contact us to discuss details.

Seeking new relationships with like-minded companies

  • Regional carriers
  • Shipping software providers
  • Logistics or fulfillment companies
  • Inventory management systems
  • Parcel auditing firms
  • Shopping carts
  • Consolidators
  • Marketplaces

Ready to broaden your service offering with your customers for the ultimate experience?


Legal Complexities

Understanding Your Hidden Exposures

Legal Obstacles

In developing our program, it became clear there are many potential legal hurdles regarding selling insurance, collecting premiums, and sharing revenue.

Pathway to Opportunity

As such, we’ve developed a fully vetted and legally compliant program for our partners’ shipping insurance needs – addressing those hidden exposures.

Have some questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers.

Have some questions about our partnership capabilities? Please see the common questions and detailed answers below to further understand our services. Transparency with our partners is vital. Without it, we're merely the same as every other option. We want to be better.

The Basics

What benefits would our organization receive if we partnered?
What benefits would our organization receive if we partnered?

We’ve designed an insurance program that offers our partners the opportunity to generate significant revenue, intuitive technology to deliver superior customer service and unparalleled claims resolution. And, we do it all legally and regulatorily compliant!

Why should I trust Parcel Protection will provide superior coverage to our clients?
Can we offer full value insurance coverage to avoid dealing with the carrier?
What’s the maximum amount our customer can insure for?
Will our customers be required to insure every package?
How will our customers insure their packages once we’ve integrated?
Can we create settings for automation rules specific to insurance?
How do we send you records of packages that were insured?
Do you insure every carrier?
What is your Refund Policy?

What's Covered

What exactly is covered with your insurance?
What exactly is covered with your insurance?

Parcel Protection Shipping Insurance provides coverage in the event a package is lost, stolen, damaged, or suffers a shortage of contents, while in transit.

What items can’t be insured?
Can our customers insure to any country?
Are there any packaging requirements?
If a customer brands their boxes, is this okay?
If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQs, you can always contact us directly at partnerships@parcelprotection.com

Everything About Claims

Have questions? The section below might help!

How do claims get submitted?
How do claims get submitted?

We provide a link that you can display to your customers under their package history. Once they select the package in question, the customer will automatically arrive at our co-branded claim page. Once a claim is started we provide simple instructions on the items required to be successfully reimbursed. The good news is, most of the claim details will already be prepopulated, reducing the amount of time spent to complete.

How long will it take for claims settlements?
Do our clients need to file a claim with FedEx or UPS first?
If a package arrives damaged, what will the buyer need to do?
What if the buyer of an insured package says they didn’t receive the product by the tracking shows delivered. Would our customer be able to submit a claim?
When a claim is approved, who gets paid and how is payment sent?
How easy is it to check the status of a claim?

Have additional questions or are you ready to connect with our Sales team to set up a discovery call? Call (714) 338-6881 or send an email to partnerships@parcelprotection.com, and we’ll gladly assist you.
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